‘The Shenanigans Festival’

‘The Shenanigans Festival’ this year was co-ordinated by the cookie Stephen B. Platt. It was presented in two parts, the first on one weekend, and the second the following week. The performances were in the Murdoch Rehearsal Space Theatre. All profits from the shows were donated to Headspace in Fremantle, a most worthy organisation that helps young people with mental illness.

The fun-filled, two-hour variety performances, i.e. a total of four hours of quality entertainment, were seen on the 11th and 12th, and the 18th and 19th September.

The master of ceremonies enters in a loud colourful suit (Stephen Platt), explaining that his father had told him to be sure to be in the ‘Monet’, hence his flowery outfit. Seeing Stephen dressed like a set of curtains, I suspect his father actually told him ‘to pull himself together’. With a wonderful repartee, each of the acts was introduced with his hilarious, dry comments.

 Act One

‘Prisoner or Hostages’ written by Stephen B. Platt.

A dark comedy, where a male and female prisoner pedantically argue with their guard, as to whether they are in fact ‘prisoners’ or ‘hostages’.

Starring Leigh Fitzpatrick, Harriet Fettis, Launcelot Ronzan.

A very well written piece with an unusual and unique storyline. Very good performances.

 ‘Crazy little thing called love’ performed and choreographed by Xarna Rappold.

A beautifully choreographed, complex contemporary dance sequence. Stunning.

 ‘Since you’ve been gone, I’ve been alone’ by Bill Bailey

Bob Morshidi doing what he does best – a crazy comedy routine.

 ‘Light my Candle’ from the musical RENT

An excellent rendition of a well-known number by Joshua Towns and Cat Perez.

 ‘Serial Dater’ written by Gabriel Davis

Ellin Sears as an old lady.

 ‘Mercy!’ by Geordie Crawley

More madcap comedy from Mike Casas, Bob Morshidi and Corina Brown.


Act Two

‘Aurora’ choreography by Therese Cruise.

Misty Falls showed how Burlesque can bring out the very best in all women. A treat for the eyes – male and female.

 Therapy’ from Tick Tick Boom.

Was performed by Cat Perez and Joshua Towns. Quality voices blending together perfectly.

 ‘Her First’ by the Frantics.

Stephen B. Platt, Mike Casas, Bob Morshidi, Leigh Fitzpatrick

 ‘Faust Monologue’ by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

The only serious act in the show. A very powerful monologue delivered emotionally by Karen Hansord. Superb.

 ‘The World War Twosical’ by Stephen B. Platt

An uproarious short play about a film director trying to get funding for his latest ambitious project. He has to prove his case to the mercenary producer at each stage of the movie. VERY funny, with a wonderful cast that just jumped in and let themselves go! With impressive portrayals of the main country leaders of the war, including Churchill and Hitler, every leader was there. This could be developed into a full-length play. Punchy, hilarious and visually bizarre. Starring the great team of Bob Morshidi, Leigh Fitzpatrick, Ellin Sears, Launcelot Ronzan, Jenia Gladziejewski, Stephen B. Platt, Mike Casas, Corina Brown, Xarna Rappold, Harriet Fettis, Joshua Towns and Cat Perez.

Lighting was by John Bailey, with Jess Serio on sound. The front of house were to be congratulated on dressing especially for the occasion, they were Tess Thompson, Andrew Kocsis, Tiffany Banner and Adam Dean.

This could have been a half-hearted in-house romp, but instead there was a huge amount of quality scriptwriting, rehearsal and production skills poured into this ‘throw away’ show. MAGNIFICENT, a fun night.