About Gordon

I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland 100 years ago. My first theatrical experience was at school operating the lighting for ‘Twelfth Night’ when Malvolio was played by Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music

I worked at the BBC as a TV studio cameraman for four and a half years. The very first play I recorded (and in those days there was no editing as it was too expensive) ran for an hour non-stop with only 4 cameras. If a set collapsed we just kept going. In my first play was a lad doing his third play ‘bit part’ – he was Donald Sutherland. This was the first of around fifty plays that I worked on.

I worked on the pilot programme of Dr Who. Later I did (Dame) Lulu’s first TV show, followed by The Seekers first UK TV programme.

I became an optometrist in 1970, hence ‘The Optom’ and am still alive.

I can be contacted by email      gj919508@bigpond.net.au