‘Best’ is the first production from Ruby Gaytime. This WA Premiere is a black comedy, ideal for Fringeworld, and is the creation of bosom friends, Sarah Reuben and George Gayler. At the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this snappy and ingenious piece of theatre was a major hit.

Both actresses started their careers as stand-up comediennes and have gradually developed into fine all-round actors. In 2013, George was in the ‘comedy of the year’ at the prestigious Heath Ledger Theatre.

This 60-minute production runs at The Blue Room Studio, 53 James Street, Northbridge until Saturday 22nd February. Curtain up at 9.00 pm.

The room is black. There are a couple of school-style chairs and a projections screen on the back wall.

       Two school friends, shy Tee (George Gayler) and her bubbly, adventurous friend, Alex (Sarah Reuben) are having one of their deep and intimate conversations. As they begin to talk about their ‘get away from home’ road trip, Alex learns that, not only has her very ‘best friend for ever’ lost her cherry first, but that Tee is pregnant.

      When Tee’s Mum goes ballistic at the news, Alex gives all of the support she can.

      We jump forward a decade and a half; the child is now a teenager, and seems to be coming between these close friends. Can their friendship possibly survive?

This is wacky story, superbly constructed by this talented couple. The dialogue is natural and filled with gems of humour. Both girls create multiple characters and accents with hilarious results. It is a truly feel good show with which to end the Fringe.

The storylines are inventive and fresh, there is singing and dancing, sadness and drama all blended in this charming memorable offering. I look forward to their next production.

A quality production by a skilled and talented pair. Try and catch it – but book first as the demand for tickets will be great.