Ordinary Days

’Ordinary Days’ is a ‘sung-through’ modern musical with vibrant music and very funny lyrics. The show and its 21 songs were written by American composer Adam Gwon.

With great characters, plenty of comedy and superb music, this refreshingly enjoyable, 90-minute musical play is just what we need after the worst year in decades. This first-class musical is being presented by Playlovers at Stirling Theatre, 25 Morris Place, Innaloo between Wednesday 3rd March and Saturday 13th March 8.00 pm.

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The scene: Today in New York.

The set: All the walls are black drapes. There are four light grey, 60 cms wooden cubes – these act as the characters’ wardrobes, cab seats, a skyscraper roof and seating in the museum. There is a grey arched doorway at each side of the stage.

The accompanist’s keyboard is on the stage apron to the right.

The complex lighting was designed and operated by John Woolrych

The sound effects were by Daniel Toomath and Jane Anderson. I would have liked the piano feedback to be a couple of notches lower, as the lyrics were rich but a little hard to follow. NO reflection on the pianist or the sound engineer. My preference.

The production assistant was jane Anderson who has in her decades in the theatre tackled everything from props to directing. Smart, neat programme by Jackie Oates.

The stage management was in the hands of Ross Fleming.

Jolly, nerdy and always infuriatingly positive, this apprentice street artist, Warren (Ethan Churchill) sees beauty in the simple things in life, even a bowl of apples. When his graffiti artist friend was arrested, Warren was asked to take care of his cat and flat. Warren filled his day making flyers with meaningful sayings and handing them out in the people in the street.

In her mid-twenties and dressed in dungarees, Deb (Izzi Green) is a pessimistic and distrustful student. She grew up in the countryside but moved to the city to further her goals. Now at the New York grad school, she is filled with panic – she has lost her final year report, months of work. To her relief, Warren finds her thesis notes on the topic of ‘Virginia Woolf’ in the street.

                Meanwhile, 30 yrs. old starry-eyed Jason (Cal Silberstein) is moving in with his intelligent and caring girlfriend, Claire (Gemma Sharpe). Embarking on a new life together, there are important points to sort out first, such as rearranging the furniture and throwing out old mementos.

                Can these couples really find a life together?

The Director, Alida Chaney has been connected with the theatre since the age of 11 yrs., now this award-winning director and actor has given us another triumph. One of Alida’s recent awards was for ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ a character who receives several mentions in the lyrics of this show.

It is hard to think that Alida and Emily could have found a better cast. To discover four young vocalists with perfect singing voices is difficult. To find four actors who can also deliver comedy and emotion, whilst singing with a slight American accent and perfect diction is extremely hard. This quartet were quite simply amazing.

Pianist and musical director Emily Gelineau was outstanding, her qualities shone. The music was catchy and fast paced and yet Emily played non-stop for 90-minutes. Some of the score was backing but most was accompaniment; the lyrics varied from romantic to aggressive, slow and a couple of crippling tongue twisting passages. These vignettes of life were truly brought to life.

Despite being only 19 yrs. and only moving here recently from Manchester, Ethan is already linked to major productions at the Regent Theatre. He is a welcome import to WA’s music scene.

Like her stage partner, the talented Izzi Green has graduated from APAN (Australian Performing Arts Network in Morley) and has several major musicals under her wing.

As well as being an established performer, Perth born Cal Silberstein has travelled the world becoming a writer, lyricist and producer.

Gemma is also a Perth born actor. She has a Certificate II in Musical Theatre from WAAPA, and is an accomplished performer in Fringe, stage, screen performer and as a voiceover artist. 

HIGHLY recommended. Real quality.