Le Sorelle

Le Sorelle (‘The Sisters’) is a fresh idea, beautifully developed and brought to the stage for its World Premiere by WA playwright, Andrew O’Connell. To match the characters and theme, this Australian play has occasional passages of Italian dialogue! These snippets of Italian between the sisters brought an odd gasp or laugh from the Italians in the audience, but they did not hamper the English speakers in the audience who could still understand the mood of the passage. Andrew has had several plays produced but this is the best yet. His works often have several themes going on at once, with many more running in the background, then one will pop up followed by belly laughs or wow-gasps from a surprised audience.
This 90-minute presentation (no interval) is staged six times by Company O at the Italian Club Fremantle, at their smart premises 65 Marine Terrace, Fremantle from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th February. Andrew is most grateful for their help and hospitality.

Stage Manager: Last year Codey Finlay was a Bride of Dracula, now she is capably getting her teeth into stage management and lighting operation.
Set design: Justin Neil Mosel-Crossley covered a well-equipped kitchen, a dining area and a bedroom (which, by changing bedding/bedspreads became two rooms).
Lighting design: Justin Neil Mosel-Crossley after years at Murdoch tackling all aspects of theatre, did the lighting. It was tricky in the venue but was well thought out and most effective.
Set painting: Alex Ferrari painting services.

A 30-year-old, handsome Australian backpacker, Mack (Fabian Stewart) is in Italy travelling and giving occasional English lessons. He meets a bubbly, beautiful, easy going Italian girl Valentina (Alexandra Carlotta Del Sorbo) who is 3 years older than himself. They fall in love. She invites him to her extensive family home which, now that the parents have died, only houses her and her miserable, cold-hearted, 36 yrs. old sister Frederica (Daniela Foti). An older sister who seems to lose out every time.
She explains to her sister how she has plans to return with Mark to sunny Australia to live.

The actors: Fabian is a surveyor by day and a singer/musician by night. This was his debut as an actor. A brilliant first show, assured and delivered with emotion.
Alexandra is a graduate of Arts, Music, and Performance from the University of Torino. This naturopath is also the head coach of the Melville synchronised swimming team, Supernova.
Daniela Foti is not only a Milan-trained talented actor but is also a hardworking engineer. What a collection of talents.
Andrew’s Assistant Director was Jason Jones – always a good idea for a writer / director to have the input of an independent director.
This show had plenty of changes of direction. Personalities changed. We were carried through gentle love to a threatening climax. Beautifully written play of an unusually high standard.