Love and Music

Fremantle Performing Artists presents "Love and Music"

Love, music and winning against the underdog

Fremantle Performing Artists present a new stage play Love and Music, a romantic comedy/drama with mild adult themes is written by Brenton Foale

Steve has been living with his girlfriend, Simone for a couple of years, but Simone feels stifled by Steve’s lack of ambition and self‐centredness.
At a recent Christmas party, Simone met Andy Robinson, who reeks of confidence, a personality trait that Steve lacks.
But can he change in time to save his relationship with Simone? Or will he lose her to Andy forever?

Writer and director Brenton Foale says his love of romantic comedies, dramas and underdogs winning against the bullies inspired him to create Love and Music.

“After our hugely successful stage production of The Breakfast Club last year and drawing on my love for
romantic comedies of the 80s and 90s ‐ Mazey O’Reilly, Oliver Temby and I teamed up together and we’re excited with our results”.
Foale’s career in theatre, film and television spans four decades, including roles in Neighbours in the late 80s to The Legend of Ben Hall in 2016. After moving from Melbourne to Perth two years ago, Foale decided to form Fremantle Performing Artists theatre group.
Foale also writes and directs for film and stage with many projects on the go including the soon to be released action film A Promise Carved in Flesh and is about to commence filming a feature film Iniquitous.
“People will love Love and Music and will see many of my ‘Easter Eggs’ (surprises) in the way the play is
performed”, he said.
Featuring: James Garces, Mazey O’Reilly, Belinda Harris, Keri Neale, Oliver Temby, Harry Bell, Ashlee
McKenna, Charlize Mills, Denim Piche, Caity Rose and Sean Wcislo.

Thursday 26th September is a Charity Performance for National Breast Cancer Foundation



Starts On

26/09/2019 - 7:30 pm

Ends On

29/09/2019 - 9:00 pm



Event Categories

Comedy, Drama, Performances


Roxy Lane Theatre

55 Ninth Avenue and Roxy Lane
P: 0438-982-003

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