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Public Reading of Ghosts

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Coming later this year to Melville Theatre, Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts, adapted by Eamon Flack and directed by Thomas Dimmick.
Since the death of her charismatic but abusive husband, Helene Alving has been treading water in a sea of empty days. What keeps her going is a deeply held belief that salvation can only lie in telling her son Oswald the truth about his father. But when Oswald returns after living as an artist in France, he has his own truth to reveal. He is already living the consequences of his father’s life…
It was first performed in 1882 and audiences at the time were shocked and found it to be indecent. It attacked the institute of religion, dealt with incest and venereal disease; everything a moral person wouldn’t dream of. Even the King of Sweden and Norway said in 1898 that it was not a good play, to which Ibsen responded, “Your Majesty, I had to write Ghosts!”
Yet unlike A Doll’s House of Hedda Gabler, Ghosts is not as well known to modern audiences. With that in mind, Melville will be holding a public reading of the play, where anyone interested in auditioning, wants to know more about the show or would just like to hear the play, is invited to come along.
Mrs Helene Alving: 40’s to 50’s
Helene Alving is the wealthy widow of Chamberlain “Captain” Alving. She is about to open a memorial to her dead husband—an orphanage—and is pleased that their son, Osvald, is back from Paris. She considers herself to be forward-thinking and she reads many progressive books; however, when faced with complicated moral decisions, she still exhibits a more conservative perspective.
Pastor Manders: 40’s to 50’s
A local religious figure, Pastor Manders is concerned with his reputation and the morality of his parishioners. He does not approve of the supposedly immoral behaviour of Osvald in Paris, nor of Mrs. Alving’s progressive reading.
Oswald Alving: 20’s to 30’s.
The son of Captain and Mrs. Alving. Osvald is a painter in Paris, where he delights in “the joy of life.” However, he has been sick and cannot work. He comes back to Norway to help celebrate the opening of the orphanage that was built in his father’s memory.
Regine Engstrand: 20’s to 30’s
Mrs. Alving’s maid. Regina is Jakob Engstrand’s daughter. She takes great pride in working for the Alvings. She has feelings for Osvald but does not know what to do with them.
Jakob Engstrand: 40’s to 50’s
An alcoholic carpenter. He plans to open a hotel for seamen and wants Regina, his daughter to come work there.
Everyone attending will be invited to read if they want to, to get a feel for the play and characters. The play will be read all in one go, with tea and coffee available. Auditions will be held later in April/May.
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05/03/2022 - 3:00 pm

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5:00 pm

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