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20 Oct
TOMORROW FROM 18:00-22:00

Jingle All the Way Home – AUDITIONS

University of WA
Tues, 18 Oct
Thurs, 20 Oct
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University of WA
Duration: 4 hr
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When four toys find themselves under the wrong tree on Christmas Eve, they must find a way to overcome their differences and correct their delivery elf’s mistake – but will they make it to the right house before the wicked Jeffrey Scrooge completes his plan to buy Christmas?
Character Listing:
Theodore: A kind-hearted but skittish stuffed rabbit who always leaps to conclusions, expecting the worst.
Omnitron: A boastful robot that becomes very defensive if anyone questions their usefulness
Mr/Mrs Grizzle: An elderly, half-deaf teddy bear who often gets confused and worries they’re too old to be anyone’s favourite toy
Sam-I-Am: An action figure with a dozen different identities and no idea which one is the real them; a natural leader, but lacks confidence in their own ideas.
Jef: A toy designed to spout celebrity impressions, movie quotes and memes in exchange for money – but could there be more to him?
Jangles: A lazy Christmas elf who is always looking for ways to get out of doing work – and usually ends up doing more than if they’d just gotten on with their job.
Fizz Fizzlesnaps: A Christmas elf who left the workshop to work for Jeffrey Scrooge because of the better opportunities for freedom and personal development – or so they thought.
Jeffrey Scrooge: Maniacally greedy and egotistical businessman who wants to be richer and more famous than Santa by any means necessary, starting with swapping every Christmas present with his own Jef toys
Ebenezer Scrooge: An elderly miser who has outgrown his own greed and has a lot of regrets, especially about letting his son follow in his footsteps.
Penelope P Possumpots: A motherly old possum, has a compassionate but no-nonsense attitude towards everyone.
Oovoo Javer: A taxi driver who pays no attention whatsoever to the passengers in their vehicle.
Ethel Raisinrod: A kind, wise old lady heading home on Christmas eve. She may or may not know Santa personally.
Parent/s: Horrendously sleep deprived parent/s of four children, pretty out of it and willing to go along with anything that seems to be running smoothly
Garden Gnomes: Imagine if the claw machine aliens from Toy Story all got old and went to the same retirement home
Auditions for UWA Pantomime’s 2022 christams show are now open, follow the link and sign up today!
For the audition, you can optionally prepare a 1-2 min comedic monologue that is appropriate for children. You will be contacted as soon as possible with the time of your audition slot!


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20/10/2022 - 12:00 am

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12:00 am

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