AUDITION: Into the Woods

Image may contain: text that says "Into the woods MUSIC AND LYRICS BY STEPHEN SONDHEIM / BOOK BY JAMES LAPINE"
Stirling Theatre 8, 9, 10, 11 January
Eve: July 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24
Matinees July 11, 18
AUDITION Bookings Essential: Contact Director Kimberley Shaw via Messenger or Email
Please prepare a song – preferably Sondheim, preferably NOT from Into the Woods. Please bring backings on phone or USB.
Baker’s Wife Mezzo G3-F5. Determined and bright. Romantic at heart. Strong actor/singer.
Witch Mezzo or Sop F3-F5. Outwardly self-serving, vain, charismatic. Inwardly, insecure and lonely. Strong actor/singer.
Cinderella Soprano G3-G5. Earnest, pretty, warm-hearted. Strong actor/singer.
Little Red Riding Hood Bright belter or strong mix B3 – F5 Spoiled, clever, vain; strong character actor. At least 16 years of age please.
Rapunzel Soprano A3-A#5. Loopy-but-lovely maiden; innocent. Needs strong vocal control in legit soprano range/style.
Jack’s Mother Soprano B3 – F#5. Single mother, a fighter, working hard to make life good for her hapless son. Good mid-range needed. Mature performer desired.
Cinderella’s Stepmother Mezzo A#3 – F5. Mean-spirited, greedy, demanding. Superb character role. Mature performer desired.
Lucinda Mezzo C4 – E5. Cinderella’s stepsister, lovely but black of heart. Loud, energetic. Good character role.
Florinda Mezzo C4- E5. Cinderella’s stepsister, lovely but black of heart. Loud, energetic. Good character role.
Cinderella’s Mother Soprano G3-Ab5 Nurturing/loving. Must have strong, legit singing voice. May double with other minor roles.
Granny Any vocal range Red Riding Hood’s feisty, bitter, vindictive grandmother. Good comic timing. Ensemble singing. May double with other minor roles.
Snow White Any vocal range Cameo role, ensemble singing. May double with other minor roles.
Sleeping Beauty Any vocal range  Cameo role, ensemble singing. May double with other minor roles.
Giant Any vocal range Offstage voice only; May double with other minor roles.
Ensemble singing.
Baker Baritone A2 – G4 Average “every man”, warm-hearted, determined but insecure. A lot of singing! Strong actor/singer.
Jack Tenor A2 – G4 The feckless giant-killer. Eager to please, genuine, a little slow of learning and easily mislead. High overall singing range, requires lovely lyric tenor quality. At least 14 years of age please.
Cinderella’s Prince / Wolf Baritone Bb2 – Gb4 Prince: Vain, gorgeous, self-dramatizing, and confident.
Wolf: Hungry, insatiable, seductive. Great comedic role – only two scenes but great ones. Legit baritone quality. Must be strong singer/character actor.
Rapunzel’s Prince Baritone C#3-Gb4 Younger brother of above, with same flaws. Very legit baritone quality.
Mysterious Man / Narrator Baritone G3-E4 Mysterious Man: Mischievous vagrant with a secret. Mature male.
Narrator: Intellectual, pleasant. Good storyteller who relates directly to audience. Mostly acting role, but he has one big musical number as the narrator and a few singing lines as the Mysterious Man.
Steward Any vocal range Surly, bureaucratic, full of self-importance. Ensemble Singing only. Plenty of good lines.
Cinderella’s Father Any vocal range Ineffectual, out of touch, but harmless and well-meaning. Ensemble singing only.


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08/01/2021 - 10:00 am

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10/01/2021 - 4:00 pm

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Auditions, Children, Classic


Stirling Theatre

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