100 – A play about decisions after death.

100 – A play about decisions after death.

100 by Neil Monaghan, Diene Petterle & Christopher Heimann
With special arrangement by Dominie Pty Ltd
Sunday May 5 from 12pm to 5pm 2019
The Round Room – 435 Carrington Street, Hamilton Hill WA 6163

Auditions will be held in 45 minute intervals, so you will not be required all day.

1-2 minute dramatic contemporary monologue.
This will be followed by a cold read from the text.

Audition Bookings:
To book an audition time please email our production manager Ryan S McNally.

Ketu – Male – Late 30’s – Animal Like Movement, of tribal decent
* Please note that this role can be played by a female.

Sophie – Female – 20’s to 30’s – Meek, unsure, changes to strong later.

Alex – Male – 20’s – 30’s – Self-assured, brash, childlike quality, love of Nia

Nia – Female 20’s to 30’s – Attractive, chilled, love of Alex

Guide – Male/Female 40’s – 50’s – Assertive, secret keeper *This role might be split into two characters.

*Please note that all characters can be aged up or down appropriately.

QUICK SHOW OVERVIEW – More details available in the audition pack that will be provided with an audition booking time.

Unpaid Theatre Project

Four strangers recently deceased are now trapped in limbo, leaving them in a state of panic and confusion. The only means of escaping the void is by choosing a past memory in which to spend eternity. As each memory is revisited, the strangers fall further into despair.
In order to choose, they must first discover more about themselves before time runs out…

Monday & Wednesday Evenings & Sunday Afternoons
First Cast Read: Monday May 13 2019 @ 7pm – 9pm

Performance Dates:
July 12, 13, 18, 19 & 20 @ 7.30pm & July 14 @ 2.00pm 2019
*Leading up to the show, additional rehearsals may be scheduled.

Production Team:
Produced by Halcyon Playhouse in association with Luminary Entertainment
Director: Alison Kovacs
Assistant Director: Devetta Ridgwell
Production Manager/Director’s Mentor: Ryan S McNally


Starts On

05/05/2019 - 12:00 pm

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5:00 pm

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The Round Room

435 Carrington Street
Hamilton Hill

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