‘Pain in my Ass’ reviewed by Gordon the Optom

‘Pain in my Ass’ was a fresh and novel presentation written by Perth–based actor, Annabel Maclean from her own painful experiences. This 45-minute long, World Premiere was part of Perth’s FRINGEWORLD Festival 2016.
Being a Fringe presentation it was presented in a large bar in Leederville, the Babushka, one of Perth’s havens for the young intelligentsia. It was packed to bursting point, with people standing in the aisles to see this madcap show.

The simple set was under the control of stage manager, Brendan Ellis with the lighting and sound capably controlled by Mark McEwan.

A young couple, who have just met, stroll up from the beach and enjoy a cup of coffee together. As their friendly banter continues, the young man (Nathan Hambly) happens to notice that the girl (Annabel Maclean) seems a little uneasy, perhaps even edgy. When he asks what is wrong, the reply is most unexpected.

This was a well-written play, with a smooth flowing and natural dialogue. Perhaps being over critical, it could be thinned a little in one area (the lift scene) and expanded when she undergoes the initial examination.
Annabel didn’t hold back either from the description of her dis’arse’ter and her treatment, or the consequences and side-effects of the drugs. Plenty of well thought-out story threads that led to her mental chaos. Who would think that a pain in the bum could be so much fun?
Madelaine Page’s skilled direction ensured that everyone got as many guffaws as possible.
The Fringe is a time to push the boundaries, so Annabel and her team can be proud.