‘KiTSCH’ is bound to be one of the Fringe highlights. This contemptible, hilarious and crazy show was devised and written by the very talented local cast, and presented under the control of director Joe Lui. This ‘Nicole in Red’ presentation is a fresh and original production.

These delightful cameo-style performances are washed down with a complimentary drink. There are four nights only, until Friday 7th February, shows begin at 8.00 pm in the Canton Lounge Bar, 532 Hay Street, Perth – near the site of the old Playhouse.

You will have heard the 180-year old quote ‘A, wife must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom’ (often wrongly attributed to Jerry Hall), and this is the basis of this fun show.

It is performed in amongst the clients sitting around the very comfortable bar. There are six actresses, all dressed in leopard patterned dresses, and they have thick blonde hair and scarlet lipstick. They represent the different characteristics of Lily, a loving wife waiting for her husband Dick to come home from work.

       A ‘bit of rough’ (Georgia King) staggers around the room, cocktail in her hand, embarrassingly trying to befriend anyone that will talk to her. Then in the house we see her (Holly Garvey) preparing a meal. She (Nicole Warren), like all good wives, in her own unique way rehearses being seen but not heard.

       All wives should look good for the bedroom, so we see this loving wife (Beth Sheldon) preparing some daring outfits for her loved one. Then in the bedroom, an active, energetic and athletic performance is expected (Ruth Battle). Finally a wife should be a loving mother, as is proved by Dawn Pascoe!

The six characters give very different views of this wife, each performer was superb. The whole show was inventive whilst slightly tongue in cheek. The acts varied from the vulgar to the delicate wife. There was a stunning aerial act from Ruth Battle and Dawn Pascoe (a few months pregnant) performing an amazing contortionist routine – I was on standby with an ambulance!

Saucy and sexy but not crude, cleverly scripted, very funny – this show has everything.

A few Fringe shows are just thrown together with a ‘that will do’ attitude. This company has put a huge amount of thought and ingenuity into this really fun show.