‘It’s All Greek to Me Too!’ reviewed by Gordon the Optom

‘It’s All Greek to Me Too!’ is Noel O’Neill’s magnificent sequel to the play that wrote just over two years ago, ‘It’s All Greek to Me’. This is even funnier than the original, and that was a sell-out! Even though Noel writes about two or three plays a year, the standard of his writing, dialogue and the superbly constructed script, ensures a happy audience. This play has a laugh in every line. It is wonderful to see so many of the original actors returning.

This 2-hour comedy can be seen at the Old Mill Theatre, on the corner of Mill Point Road and Mends Street, South Perth on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at 8.00, until the 27th February. The Sunday matinees are at 3.00 pm on the 14th and 21st, with all proceeds going to the South West Bushfire Appeal.


The setting is a northeast London suburb, at Christmas 1960. The scenery (designed and built by Noel O’Neill) is that used in the first play, comprising the kitchen and lounge room of the crazy Greek Clan – the Pilancous ‘Plank’ Family. The music from ‘Zorba the Greek’ is playing as the house lights dim. Very good lighting and sound effects, thanks to John Spurling and his occasional helper, John Woolrych.

Jenny Prosser’s costumes reflected the era perfectly, in both style and the materials used. The hairdos brought a smile too. Well stage managed by Melissa Munoz Escobar.
In the first play ‘It’s All Greek To Me’, Nicky Plank arranged for his cousin Stavros, living in a dump somewhere in Greece, to get married to his unsuspecting London neighbour, Circe.


      Only months after the wedding, disillusioned Circe (Nada Dilevska), leaves her husband Stavros (Andre Balzelli) and returns to London. Because Nicky (Kim Taylor) and his long-suffering wife, Athena (Vivienne Marshall) generously paid for the couple’s wedding, she blames them for her misery and places a curse on the family.

      Nicky and Athena’s daughter, Jenna (Valerie Dragojevic) is due to have her baby any day now – perhaps even Christmas Day. The family friend, Andronikos (Rex Gray), who is a potent oracle and surrounded by a powerful aura, is summoned to help them.

      The youngest Plank son, Dimitri (Cameron Leese), is well named, as his IQ is probably negative. Nicky, now with two un-married relatives again, recommences the matchmaking routine. He brings around a friend’s beautiful daughter, Christiana (Sofie Reidy-Crofts) in a desperate attempt to marry off Dimitri, but the son seems quite interested in the even more brainless, Katarina (Aimee Claire Nicholls).

      Randy Nicky goes around the houses, collecting seasonal ‘gifts’ from his lady friends, Cassandra (Berti Moso) and Irena (Charlotte Weber).

      Will Athena discover Nicky’s misdemeanours? Will anyone become wedded, or even remain married.


Director Noel O’Neill, and his assistant Valerie Dragojevic, both have a wealth of experience in comedy direction; what a magnificent show they have given us. The multitude of laughs was perfectly delivered by the wonderful cast. Each actor had a rich character to portray, and this they did with superb team chemistry. A special mention for Kim Taylor and Vivienne Marshall’s performances. Kim with his hilarious lack of conscience, and Vivienne’s desperate desire to advance the family’s welfare.

A really good, side-splitting start to the Old Mill’s 2016 season.