‘Bad Egg Boys’

‘Bad Egg Boys’ is an Australian comedy that was devised, written and performed by a couple of Perth’s best improvisationists, Fran Middleton and Nadia Collins.

This 50-minute, World Premiere is more suitable for mature audiences and can be seen for four nights only, at Jimmy’s Den, upstairs at 69 James Street, Northbridge at the VERY early time of 6.00 nightly until Saturday 14th February.


      As the lights dim, a couple of unruly street kids, Simmo and Johnno, dressed in black beanie, with black vest and shorts amble onto the stage. These are the Bad Egg Boys, newly released from prison. Naturally they have ‘needs’ along with a morbid hate for authority – heaven help anyone in the audience that represents legal power.

      We follow these cheeky urchins through a fascinating typical day. When they request something, it is like the Godfather making a request, don’t think – just do it.


Fran Middleton has won awards for her script writing and performances, and along with talented actor, Nadia Collins, the chaotic banter was hilarious. It flowed naturally, and unlike many comedians I have seen lately, where they can go through their routine as though the auditorium was empty, these two really connected with their audience in a humorous, inoffensive way. You couldn’t help but laugh at their well written script – backed by excellent sound effects – as the ‘boys’ became totally immersed in their rich characters.

Their mischievous grins and street cred attitudes gave everyone a bawdy lift at the end of the day. I recommend that you wear a chastity belt and money protection.

Great fun, presented with skill and warmth.