‘50 Shades of Scarlet’

‘50 Shades of Scarlet’ is an adult only show, presented as part of the Fringe Festival 2017 by Scarlet Bell Burlesque. This world of dominance and submission is rated as ‘Hot’ by the Fringe committee; these talented ladies ensure a good night.

The unmissable 70-minute, sexy cabaret performances will blow your mind and leave you in a puddle of perspiration. Some girls practise burlesque to give them more confidence with their body. Others may want to improve their sex drive and sensuality – perhaps even be better in the bedroom – or they simply enjoy the wild costumes and fun exercise.

Scarlet Bell was started by a group of Murdoch theatre students who as well as the aforementioned, want to expand their theatrical skills. The show is kinky and sexy, but not embarrassing, stopping just short of nudity. Once Burlesque was a pretty basque or a simple fan dance, this talented troupe gives their audience much more.

This lusty show can be seen at Studio 411, Murdoch University South Street, Murdoch, each evening at 8.30 until Saturday 4th February.

The walls and floor are matte black, but the vibrant lighting (operator – Nick Morant) and the booming, arousing music (operator – Kiah van Vlijmen ) had the temperature rising rapidly. The stage manager (Launcelot Ronzan) kept the show’s pace flowing smoothly.

     With a riding crop in her hand, Dollar Dazzler strutted up to the audience, before doing a quick survey as to how ’educated’ they were. It was amazing how many of the audience were at Burlesque for the first time; admittedly some could have been grandparents, there to see their treasured offspring.

     Dollar’s beautiful assistant, Ivy, demonstrated how the cast would be shaking their boobs and oscillating their butts – but most importantly, how loud we were expected to cheer and encourage the performers.

     The thing about Burlesque is that it covers all ages, heights, body shapes and dress sizes; the larger ladies were often the best strutters. The performers were well rehearsed and the choreography slick. They smiled boldly as their attire floated to the floor. There was even a Mr Scarlett, a whip wielding dominator, who had a penchant for cutting off the ladies’ clothes.

     With a dozen artistes, all immaculately undressed, the diaphanous garments fell, the feather fans skilfully fluttered and the pasties popped. There numerous routines, all very different; with a little bondage, a great deal of flesh stroking, the temperature in the room soon rose rapidly.

     The dancers’ exotic names included Alice D’ Wilde, Belle Bliss, Campanillo en Fuego, Clara Devine, Elle Entice, Foxxxy Curves, La Bananae Split, Mystical Belle, Opal D’Sire, Smoky Wilshore, Trixie La Rose. Whatever your fetish, they satisfied.

With any kind of nudity or risqué performance it is important that the performers show no sign of embarrassment, even if they are palpitating inside that corset. This troupe was superb, giving us a wonderful set of fun-filled routines, with courage and a warm smile.

For the older men in the audience, don’t forget your asthma puffers and blood pressure tablets.

Great fun.