Three Summers

‘Three Summers’ is a FILM written and directed by Ben Elton, an immigrant to Fremantle from the UK 30 years ago. Ben has proved himself in so many different genres, but whether it is in his books, on TV or screen, it is his ability to select poignant subjects and bravely say what everyone is thinking – and then subtly giving an alternative view, which shatters any politically incorrect attitudes.

I know this review is on the ‘Independent Theatre Association’ site, but I hope I am forgiven for promoting a WA film, teaming with well-known faces from WA stage. I went along to see the film and support local work, and loved every second. Plenty of laughs, as the strange habits of the campers are rolled out.

The backdrop of the Fairbridge Festival showcases one of our biggest fun events. From Peter Rowsthorn’s version of the German ‘towels on the beach’ routine, to Werzel’s and Deborah Mailman’s private meeting.

Kelton Pell continues the wonderful comedic skills recently shown in Black Swan’s ‘Endgame’. Magda Szubanski as the radio presenter brought class and sanity, until she introduced Adriane Daff singing ‘Waltzing Matilda’. Folk singer and Irish dancer, Rebecca Breeds was amazing as the female lead, but it was her screen father (John Waters) that brought a tear to my eye. Imagine turning up for an audition and finding the Equity Queen, Monica Main, slouched disinterestedly with a cold stare.

Robert Sheehan was the male love interest, a musician playing a theremin – or was it pheromone? Then there was another musician, played by ABC Radio presenter Andrea Gibbs.

Michael Caton was magnificent as the bigoted dancer.

The WA actors ranged from the young Charlie Martin and Nichola Balestri, to the aging Damon Lockwood.

If you want a really good laugh, a quick tear and an insight at the politically incorrect topics of the day, go and see this technically, very well made film.

If you don’t see it, Kate Box will call around to visit you!!