Outback Angels

‘Outback Angels’ is a 30-minute play based in the West Australian outback. It was beautifully written by multi award-winning playwright, Yvette Wall as her offering for the FRINGE WORLD FESTIVAL 2020.

This Off the Wall Production was presented at 5.30 pm on the 29th, 30th, 31st January and the 1st and 2nd February at the Townshend Theatre, Irish Club of WA, 61 Townshend Street in Subiaco.

The scene: The sitting room of a shack-like home on a remote cattle station in the outback, near a town called – to quote Annabelle – ‘Meekietheeria’.

The set: Matte black walls and floor. A grey bench represented the seating.

Lighting and sound were in the capable hands of John Spurling.

Following the death of her mother, 16-year-old Annabelle (Kate Sisley) becomes uncontrollable and so is sent by her father from vibrant London to a bleak cattle station in outback Western Australia, to stay with her late mother’s best friend and family.

Arrogant spoiled Annabelle is not impressed by the lack of neighbours, a weak Internet signal – how can she possibly contact her numerous Facebook friends and send photos of her divine self to her followers? To make things even worse, the little girl of the house, Lainey (Lena McLeod) is a little slow and the son, Pete (Finn Synnot) is easy going, not at all the kind of company to which Annabelle is accustomed.

Soon the children are at war.

With only a 30-minute performance the challenge to create strong characters and a believable selection of emotions was a major challenge, but director Scarlett Greenock has selected a great cast.  In Finn and Lena, she has two very good young actors and with Kate discovered an outstanding young actress with a future in acting. I first saw Kate about six years ago as a simple young chorus extra and now in this play she gives a very moving performance.

A most impressive short play, well worth the half hour trip from home. It was enthusiastically received by a large audience. Congrats to all concerned.