‘HELP! THERE’S A YUGOSLAVIAN IN MY FRIDGE’ is a hilarious sitcom in the style of TV’s vintage treasure, ‘The young Ones’. It was superbly co-written by Curtin Theatre graduates T. Mutta Beilby and Ella Randle. This production has been brought to the stage by Sam Addison.

The big mistake of too many comedy writers is that they get a couple of funny ideas and then drop them into a morass of poorly written dialogue. Mutta and Ella have skilfully developed the script to give the audience two or three belly laughs a minute for the whole 40-minute show.

This unBALANCED Productions’ presentation can be seen at the New Hayman Theatre 1 (there are two theatres now) at Curtin University in Bentley. The season runs until the 5th of February, booking is essential. Tickets

Times and Dates: 6.00 pm, 29 January -1 February, and at the later time of 8.30 pm, 2 – 5 February.

The quality make-up and sound effects were by Tiahna McBride. The stage management – and subsequent set reconstruction – by Keely Moloney.

A 93-year-old man, Morris (Alex Hutchings) threatens the very existence of his neighbours. Marty (Max Gipson) is convinced that Morris is an international criminal who will go to any lengths to blacken the names of Marty and his flatmate Glen (Christian Dichiera).

Then Cora (Cait Griffiths) mysterious woman in black, with a thick Russian accent calls around quickly followed by an unpredictable armed druggie, Quinn (Travis Koch) who seems to know too much.

An empty fridge, a board covered in string and a beautifully wrapped gift are all the elements required to send Marty and Glen’s world turning on its head.

The co-directors, Mutta and Ella, took the dangerous step of directing their own script – and it worked. Every scrap of humour of this tightly written script was presented immaculately by a well-rehearsed cast.

This couple, Ella and Mutta, have a promising future in comedy writing and direction.

A must see.