Database and Reviews

For some time now i have found it difficult to attend the many productions of the 32 community groups in Perth and to review their plays.
Some high quality groups like Limelight in Wanneroo have been very difficult for me to attend after work, and I have let down them – and recently many other good friends – by being unable to see their shows.
In the past three weeks I have had a surprise week in hospital having a four-hour spine operation followed by three days in Intensive Care. I am OK, but definitely moving slowly. So, to all that I have not kept my promise to see their productions, VERY many apologies. I hope to be back on the road in about a month, but at present I do not know until each evening whether to go to a show or bed at 7.00 pm.
I want to keep my database as up to date as possible and so I am asking if you have had any shows that I did not attend and you want your cast, back stage and technicians listed I am happy to put this on my website for you. If you could send the details in an editable form I will add it to the hundreds already there.

Kindest regards
Gordon the Optom


  1. Gordon,
    I hope you are on the mend!
    We all appreciate the effort you put into attending shows and writing reviews. We love having you at our shows. On behalf of Roxy Lane Theatre we are sending you the best wishes.

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