‘Bruised’ is a beautifully written play by our local, prize-winning playwright, Vivienne Glance PhD. It was presented for three nights by the Murdoch Performing Group in Studio 411, within the grounds of Murdoch University on South Street in Murdoch. The hour-long performances started at 7.00 pm on 25th, 26th and 27th March.

Vivienne is not particularly prolific but every sentence she writes is flawless. In a semi-poetic genre, she serves these three personal narratives to the audience in teaspoonfuls, all cleverly interlinked until the whole intricate story has been revealed.

The scene:           Today in New Zealand

The set:                A large semi-circle of wildflowers around the stage periphery represent the local lake and nature in general.

There are three black chairs centre stage.

Stage manager was Kathryn Vincent.

Justin Mosel Crossley’s lighting design was inventive and atmospheric; the skilled technical operator was Maggie Cope-Thomas.

An elderly bird watcher (Tiarn Hutton) and her granddaughter are at the side of a lake, peering through binoculars at the final destination of the Alaskan Godwit, a sandpiper that has the longest migratory journey.

In the nearby town, a touring Astronaut (Maiken Kruger) is giving a lecture and book promotion to her fans, on how important space flights are for humanity and how she has seen all sides of the world. However, one is left wondering if she really helping the world or her own ego?

A poor migrant girl (Nashy Md Zaini) thinks of the poverty and hell from which she has escaped.

For director David Moody this was the last show, of his last production thus ending David’s decades of hard and dedicated work for the Murdoch Theatre Course. David was ably assisted in this moving production by Maiken Kruger, along with movement coach, Rachael Kostusik (Kutsik). The three actors were supreme, as they changed from one scene to another and smoothly changing characters. Tremendous cast chemistry, you could feel the depth of emotion. Great pace to this moving piece.

Special thanks to Tim Brain and John King, who like David will be recalled by many ex-students with fondness and gratitude. Thanks also go to Sarah Papadoulis, Xarna Rappold and Claire Mosel-Crossley.

Many appreciations David for all the decades of work you have put into the Murdoch course. It is rare to see a lecturer so well liked and respected, so all the very best of health and happiness for a long and happy retirement. You certainly left on a high. A magnificently written, directed and acted production. Many congratulations.