28 Grams

‘28 Grams’ is an adult show, but in no way connected to Naomi Watts’ controversial ‘21 Grams’. This World Premiere is a tightly structured, intense monologue about a girl’s sad fight with her body size and appearance. This wonderful play was written by Ella Randle, a previous Fringe World, Weekly Award winner for her writing and direction.

This Ella Randle Production of ‘28 Grams’ (season is now finished) by Ella Randle and Mutta Beilby, was part of 2022’s Perth’s Fringe. It was presented at Hayman Theatre Two, Building 302 on the Curtin Bentley Campus. The production ran from Thursday 20th January until Sunday 30th with the 45-minute performances starting at 7.00 pm.

Because of the language and topics in the show, the Fringe World classification was M rated and Hot.

Scene:                   2022 in a typical student flat.

Set Designer:      was T ‘Mutta’ Beilby. The set was simple, with opening scene showing a pine table on its side – hiding the stash of food behind. Two table legs were hinged to the floor, thus allowing the girl to lift the heavy table into the upright position by herself. Clever idea.

Lighting design and operator:     T ‘Mutta’ Beilby had a good feel for enhancing the changes of emotions of the lonely girl.

Sound Designer:               Sebastian Boyd

Grace (Georgia Condon) is your average nineteen-year-old trying to figure out her place in the world. Like so many teenagers she works as a casual at a local café. Grace has plenty of friends, so enjoys their company and shares their drugs. Grace was doing well until the day she is told that she is fat by one person, and ugly by another. She isn’t either but once the seed has been sown Grace has trouble coming to terms with these insults.

To present a light-hearted monologue for 45 minutes is a big challenge; but for an actor to present a 45-minute serious monologue with mood changes whilst managing to capture and hold an audience without them looking at their watches is very difficult. Georgia had total control of the situation, the girl’s character and how to play the whole audience, tremendous skill. Monologue scripts must have well-constructed dialogue, that allows the actor to feel at home and speak to the audience informally

Director Ella Randle, who is also an aspiring artist, operates out of Perth. With her refined scriptwriting, and Georgia as the young lady, her directing was guaranteed to be a success. Ella had a fine balance between making the audience feel sorry for Grace without ladling on the sentiment. Another success for the team.