Pure Nectar

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Work mates from a local engineering firm (Pete, Roger, Noel and Ray) are made redundant. They meet at the local pub to bemoan their future, and Pete convinces the lovely Jane that she could be a Page 3 model and offers to take pictures of her for a portfolio but his ploy backfires when her boyfriend Mark returns home early and catches them in the act (of taking pictures!)

Some months later, Roger asks Pete if he’s seen the picture of Jane on Page 3.Jane, now a minor celebrity shows her gratitude to Pete for giving her a start in the modelling business and asks him to be her Manager. He agrees, and as a consequence his wife Pat divorces him.

Pete and Jane get married secretly and have a son, and when Pete returns for a re-union with his old work mates. They assume he’s a millionaire.

On the evening of the Re-union, Noel wins the lottery much to everyone’s amazement and Pete cons Noel into investing a huge amount but to keep the arrangement secret especially from Brenda.

Brenda organises a dinner party in an effort to re-unite Pete with first wife Pat without knowing that he has remarried.

The evening proves a disaster as they discover Pete’s deceit.

Season Dates Between: Friday March 27th 2020 and Sunday April 5th 2020 8pm and 2pm matinees