The Kitchen Sink

Harbour Theatre is delighted to be bringing you Tom Wells’ award-winning, humorous, and heart-warming play THE KITCHEN SINK to the Camelot stage for their second production of 2019.

First staged in London in 2011, to great acclaim, THE KITCHEN SINK follows an ordinary family over the course of a year in Withernsea, a working-class town near Hull in Yorkshire. THE KITCHEN SINK centres on multilayered characters with dreams and issues that we can all relate to. Tom Wells’ writing is relevant, humorous, and is tinged with just the right amount of poignancy.

Kath, played by Ann Speicher, is desperate to steer her family through life’s changes by producing unusual meals—which are not always successful, but are seasoned with love and support. Martin (Jarrod Buttery) is the stalwart hard-working husband trying to keep a failing milk round afloat while supporting his family. Add in a feisty martial arts-savvy daughter (Solonje Burns) with a lovely but klutzy boyfriend (Liam Crevola) and a delicate brother (Alec Fuderer) who dreams of being an art student at a prestigious London college and you have this touching and funny play which we believe all will enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE: This production contains occasional strong language.


Starts On

24/05/2019 - 7:30 pm

Ends On

25/05/2019 - 9:30 pm



Event Categories

Comedy, Performances


Camelot Theatre (Mosman Park Memorial Hall)

16 Lochee Street

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