DRACULA: a Transylvanian nobleman. (Stage age mid 30s) While Dracula appears ancient in the first part of the play, he is in his mid 30s in the majority of the play.

Dr. JOHN SEWARD: a medical doctor and scientist, head of a private asylum. (Stage Age: 30).

LUCY WESTENRA: Dr. Seward’s fiancé. (Stage Age: 20).

MINA MURRAY (HARKER): Lucy’s closest friend, fiancé (later wife) of Jonathan Harker (Stage Age: early to mid 20s)

JONATHAN HARKER: Solicitor employed through his firm to secure a home in London for Dracula. (Stage Age: Late 20s to early 30s.)

RENFIELD: a patient in Dr. Seward’s asylum. Age: indeterminate.

ABRAHAM HEINRICH VAN HELSING: of Amsterdam: a man of great knowledge and Dr. Seward’s former teacher. Stage Age: late 50s.

NOSFERATU: a silent chorus of six or more members, male and female. Including three Brides of Dracula. These roles are not dialogued, but very animated and full of character. The Brides would be aged late teens to late 20s. Other nosferatu can be any age.

Beginners welcome to apply.

For an audition kit, etc, please email a letter of introduction and a headshot photograph to




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08/06/2020 - 8:18 am

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