AUDITIONS – Titus Andronicus

SUNDAY FROM 10:00-16:00

AUDITIONS – Titus Andronicus – directed by Michael McCall

New Fortune Theatre
Duration: 6 hr
Hi there, thank you for considering to audition for Titus Andronicus. Auditions are this Sunday 24th October at the New Fortune Theatre – 10am to 4pm at 10 minute intervals.
Please book your audition slot here:
You will read a monologue of your choosing (interested in reading with feeling, more than you actually learning the piece), which you will present onstage (dependent on weather). The audition should be painless, and any questions about the play you have can be answered on the day. The plan is to do one or two sessions before we perform it – one for sense, the other for choices and experiments…with food (to be revealed!).
I look forward to seeing you, Michael McCall: Director
The play reading will be 7.30pm Sunday 21st November:
The brothers Saturninus and Bassianus are in contention for the Roman emperorship. Titus Andronicus, Rome’s most honoured general, returns from wars against the Goths with their queen, Tamora, her sons and her lover, Aaron the Moor, as captives. Her eldest son is sacrificed by Titus; she vows revenge.
Titus is nominated emperor by his brother Marcus, one of Rome’s tribunes. This Titus declines, instead nominating Saturninus. To seal the bond of friendship, the new emperor, Saturnius, offers to marry Titus’s daughter Lavinia. She, however, is already pledged to Bassianus. Saturninus, by now infatuated with Tamora, makes her empress instead.
Manipulated by Aaron, Tamora’s sons, Chiron and Demetrius, avenge their mother by raping and mutilating Lavinia, and killing Bassianus. Aaron falsely implicates two of Titus’s sons in this murder. In his turn Titus vows revenge and sends his surviving son Lucius to the Goths to raise an army. Titus achieves his revenge by killing Tamora’s sons and serving them up to her at a banquet, and then killing her. He himself is killed by Saturninus and his death avenged by Lucius, who is made emperor


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24/10/2021 - 10:00 am

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4:00 pm

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