AUDITION: Wind in the Willows

Auditions are now open for the upcoming onstage adaption of the children’s classic ‘The Wind and the Willows’, directed by Christine Ellis.
Venue: Roxy Lane Theatre
55 Ninth Avenue
The production will held during July school holidays from 3/7/2021-18/7/2021 (weekend matinees and one Friday night performance).
Availability is required for Saturdays and Sundays during July.
**Important audition information**
Please read all important information below prior to booking an audition.
Audition dates:
Saturday 8 May and 15 May
Time slots are between 9:30-4:30.
Lead Roles 9:30-12:00pm
All other roles 1:00-4:30pm
Bookings for either leads or ensemble need to be specified.
Audition will consist of reading of script and some improvisation work.
All levels of experience welcome.
Please text or ring for audition times and enquiries:
Christine Ellis
Mb 0430-494-924
No age specified, male or female.
Toad: Loud, obnoxious,full of self importance, avoids work.
Rat: Down to earth, sensible, looks out for mole like a parent.
Mole: Innocent and eager. Amazed by the world.
Badger: Older and wiser than the others, a little grumpy. The natural leader.
Fox: Narrator. Sly and sneaky, tough as nails.
Weasels: 1-5/police Extra mean to their victims, sly, cunning
Horse: Stubborn and hard to convince
Law Clerk: A strict lawyer
Judge: Stuffy and Stern
Jailer: Hates Toad.
Jailer’s Daughter: (F) Sweet to Toad, but loses patience and yells at him
Washer Woman (F) Aunty: Bold and brash, hates Toad
Train Clerk: Bored by job. Dislikes customers
Train conductor: Kind and clever, wants to help
Barge Woman (F): Smart and doesn’t fall for Toad’s lies
Otter: Overly friendly and eager, speaks her mind.
Rabbit: Excited and scared
Hedgehog 1: Innocent and loves to tease hedgehog 2
Hedgehog 2: Innocent and hates being teased by hedgehog 1
Note: (Some roles may be doubled with other roles. Roles of Rabbit, hedgehogs, otter, jailer’s daughter are suitable for children.)
This will be open to actors from 8 years old to 70 +. Cast numbers will be up to 20.
Singing ability is not required in this production.
Main Characters and ensemble required. Those in ensemble will play various roles including one featured speaking role if possible.



Starts On

08/05/2021 - 9:30 am

Ends On

4:30 pm

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Roxy Lane Theatre

55 Ninth Avenue and Roxy Lane
P: 0438-982-003

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