AUDITION: To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird
By Christopher Sergel based on the novel by Harper Lee
Directed by Jane Sherwood
Performances 23rd April 2021 to 8th May 2021 at Stirling Players, Morris Place, Innaloo WA
Please email or text 0421 974 286 or PM for audition time. Bookings essential. Auditions will be up to 30 minutes held in small groups.
Audition will be a short 1 minute monologue of your choice. Then cold reading from the script. Some improv may be required. Please dress comfortably and bring water.
Rehearsals will commence mid-January and will be 2 weeknights (probably Tuesday and Thursday) and Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Final decisions will be made after casting.
All roles will require Southern American Accents
Jean Louis Finch (Scout) – a young girl – looks about 9. She is a tomboy.
Jeremy Finch (Jem)- Scout’s older brother Probably 11-12
Atticus Finch – Father to Scout and Jem, he is probably early 50s, lawyer. Quietly confident.
Calpurnia – Housekeeper – She is African-American
Maude Atkinson Neighbour – aged 30s-60s
Stephanie Crawford Neighbour – aged 30s-60s
Mrs Dubose Neighbour – aged 30s-60s+
Arthur Radley (Boo) Neighbour (small role – may double with Mr Gilmer)
Charles Baker Harris (Dill) – a young boy probably 10-12
Heck Tate The Sheriff
Judge Taylor The Judge (may double with Mr Cunningham)
Reverend Sykes – a minister
Mayella Ewell – a young woman – she is probably 15-17
Bob Ewell – Mayella’s father, he is rough
Walter Cunningham- a farmer (may double as the Judge)
Mr Gilmer- the public prosecutor (may double with Boo Radley)
Tom Robinson – a young African-American man
Clerk – of the court.
Extras – townspeople, farmers, members of the congregation, mob, spectators at the trial. Some cast will double in these roles. Also opportunity for anyone looking to gain some on stage experience.


Starts On

05/12/2020 - 9:30 am

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2:00 pm

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Auditions, Classic, Drama


Stirling Theatre

Morris Place
P: 9446-9120

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