AUDITION: The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

May be an image of text that says "IRISH THEATRE PLAYERS Present The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Written by Adly Guirgis Directed by Brendan Ellis Produced by lrish Theatre Players SEASON DATES; 21st- 30th April, 2020 REHEARSALS; AUDITIONS DATE; Rehearsals to run 3 times week- Mondays (non-negotiable), Wednesdays or Fridays, and Saturday or Sunday day (subject to cast availability). Saturday 5th February, 2022 between 10am & 5pm"

SATURDAY, 5 FEBRUARY 2022 FROM 10:00-17:00

Auditions – “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” by Adly Guirgis, directed by Brendan Ellis

Irish Club Western Australia
21st – 30th April, 2020
Rehearsals to run 3 times a week – Mondays (non-negotiable), Wednesdays or Fridays, and Saturday or Sunday day (subject to cast availability).
Saturday 5th February, 2022 between 10am & 5pm
Irish Club of WA, 61 Townshend Road, Subiaco, 6007 *TBC
Group workshop auditions will be held in two-hour slots on Saturday 5th Feb and will consist of exercises emphasizing collaboration and teamwork as well as readings of script excerpts. Timeslots will be at 10am, 1pm and 3:15pm with up to 15 participants in each
To book your timeslot, please contact director Brendan Ellis at
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, written by Stephen Adly Guirgis. Directed by Brendan Ellis.
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is a hilarious, poignant, thought-provoking work by Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis. Boasting a large, zany cast of characters, the play asks one of the most plaguing questions in the Christian ideology: What happened to Judas Iscariot? The facts (we think!) we know are these: Judas was the disciple of Jesus who betrayed his friend and teacher to the authorities. He is seen as the man responsible for Jesus’s death; afterwards, Judas fell into despair and hung himself from an olive tree; since then, he has been suffering for his deeds deep in Hell, and will continue to do so for all eternity. Is that really fair? Was Judas the duplicitous master of his own fate, a much-suffering pawn used for Jesus’s ends, or just a man who made a mistake? Set in a courtroom in Purgatory, The Last Days puts Judas’ case to a hilarious, riotous, piercing trial, the results of which are sure to make the inhabitants of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory — and the audience — reconsider what each thought they knew about forgiveness, faith, and the human inside one of the history’s most infamous figures.
CW: Please note this play touches on themes of suicide, eating disorders and abortion.
All ages listed are general stage ages. Character race is flexible where not indicated.
A large part of characterization of the biblical characters will include exploring the use of accents and will often involve larger-than-life personalities. Other characters require more authentic accents and grounded characterization.
Fabiana Aziza Cunningham: Female, mid-20s – 40s. A woman of Irish-Romanian descent who leads the defense of Judas Iscariot. Compassionate and fierce, she withstands a lot of critical personal remarks while holding her own in the courtroom. CW: this character explores issues of abortion and eating disorders.
Yusef El-Fayoumy: Male, mid-20s – 40s. A man of Middle-Eastern descent who leads the prosecution against Judas Iscariot. A confident and sweet-talking nature belies the loneliness and resentment he feels. A comedic role which also requires some depth as his insecurities are revealed.
Judas Iscariot: Male, 20+. The central figure of the play’s action, full of anger and regret. Judas will be present for most of the play but will be silent, although has several feature scenes that explore various stages of his life, including his childhood and the day after Jesus is arrested.
*Bailif: Male, 20+. The bailiff of the court, often tries to provide a voice of reason for the short-tempered Judge Littlefield.
Jesus of Nazareth: Male, 30s-40s. The Son of God makes several silent appearances throughout the play before playing a pivotal role in the final scene where he confronts Judas. Kind, humble, and loving.
Satan: Any gender, 20+. The “Prince of Darkness” plays a pivotal role in the prosecution of Judas. Both seductive and menacing, Satan’s emotional state fluctuates from serenity to fury and back again.
*Henrietta Iscariot: Female, 30+. The mother of Judas begs for her son’s forgiveness and grapples with her faith.
*Gloria: Any gender, 30+. The angel that introduces the audience to Purgatory and who sits on the jury. Is kind-natured but has a sense of humour, cherishes the chance to speak about their life and the family left behind.
*Saint Monica: Female, 20+. Sassy, outspoken but compassionate and staunchly defends the weak and the voiceless. Has a one-sided interaction with Judas and is responsible for ensuring the trial goes ahead.
*Butch Honeywell: Male, 40+. A relatively cheerful man who is not entirely convinced he’s dead. Foreman of the jury. Delivers an emotional extended monologue where he discusses his similarities to Judas.
*Pontius Pilate: Any gender, 20+. The fifth prefect of Judea and the person who ordered the death of Jesus. Charming, smart, and sarcastic, uses their depictions in the bible and various of media to defend their actions.
*Mother Teresa: Female, 40+. The elderly nun is a key witness called by the prosecution. She presents as kind and fragile, but fiercely defends her controversial political dealings and beliefs when pressed.
*Sigmund Freud: Male, 40+. The Austrian neurologist is a key witness called by the defense. Confident and logical, he is called upon to explain his theory of the mental state of someone who takes their own life. CW: this character discusses suicide.
*Matthias of Galilee: Any gender, 10 (to be played by an actor 18+). We see Matthias interact with Judas when they are both children. Poor, underfed, but trying to stay positive despite their circumstances. Due to the nature of the rehearsal and performance venue this role must be played by someone 18+.
*May be doubled with another role.
Several other characters of various genders have featured scenes and/or monologues, including Saints Peter, Matthew and Thomas, Mary Magdalene, and members of the jury.
To book your audition, please contact director Brendan Ellis at
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