AUDITION: The Butler Did It

“The Butler Did It”

This is a whodunit ‘play within a play’.
Five of the six actors in this play will play two parts – an on-stage persona and their off-stage ‘real’ self. This gives a great opportunity to have fun with your range.
Character descriptions:

Robert (stage age: 50-60) Previously a successful actor on TV but now living very much in his past. He is formal and correct; the consummate professional and somewhat obnoxious.

Michael (stage age: 30ish)
A ladies man with a bit of on-stage talent and a fair bit of off-stage flirting.

Nathalie (stage age: 40’s)
An actress who is struggling to accept that she can no longer play the part of a 20 year old. She can be vindictive and cruel and is totally self absorbed. (Please note, the actress playing this part should be comfortable with being overtly sexual in her actions. There is a small bit of suggestive topless nudity.)

Claudia (stage age early 20’s)
An innocent young actress, fresh out of college. She is excited to land her first acting role but not quite prepared for the jealousy Nathalie has towards her.

Tony (stage age 40-60)
A commanding personality with indomitable energy. He is an egomaniac and manipulator and will resort to anything to achieve his goal. He is a powerful presence on and off stage

Sam (stage age: mid 40’s)
A professional actor who takes his job very seriously but has not been as successful as he wanted – which he blames on Nathalie.

Auditions are in an open format, comprising of a read through of the script followed by a run through on stage. There is no requirement to prepare specific pieces for the audition.

Auditions are 7:30pm 25th June 2019 at Rockingham Theatre 8 Attwood Way.
Please contact Helen Brown (0408 953 490) for more information.


Starts On

25/06/2019 - 7:30 pm

Ends On

10:00 pm

Event Categories

Auditions, Crime


Rockingham Castle Theatre

8 Attwood Way
Western Australia

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