QUESTIONING is a queer short drama focusing in on the internal conflicts within the queer community over language and how we choose to label our identities.
Required Roles:
MADDIE (18-30)
Maddie openly identifies as a lesbian and has for quite some time, is very politically and socially conscious, and gets stubborn and opinionated. She had a rough time in her adolescence and now hyper fixates on maintaining the queerness of the social circles around her.
JEN (18-30)
Jen is Maddie’s roommate and has recently started to describe herself as queer. She presents a bubbling, energetic, sociable front that’s disguising a new found insecurity now that she has begun to be unsure of her sexuality and is exploring its fluidity.
ELI (18-30)
Eli is Maddie’s best friend, and an openly gay man. He is very open minded, very sex positive, and open to a fluidity of both sexuality and language. He’s very laid back, always listens to those around him and often functions as the voice of reason in conflicts between Maddie and Jen.
This production is for my final project towards my Bachelor in Film and Video at ECU, and I have built up plenty of experience working with actors across this course.
As this is a student production, unfortunately it is unpaid. But material will be made available for a show reel, and the plan is to submit the film for festival placements in a variety of festivals, but especially Australian Queer festivals.
Auditions will be held on the following dates…
Sunday the 21st March 11AM-3PM
Wednesday the 24th March 2PM-6PM
Please message for me a time slot either here or at 0448932233. A copy of the script will be provided once a time slot is agreed upon.
Feel free to ask for more information about myself, the film, or any of my previous work.


Starts On

21/03/2021 - 11:00 am

Event Categories

Auditions, Drama

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