AUDITION: Debutante Directors

Where: Garrick Theatre, 16 Meadow Street, Guildford
When: 16th of October 2021, 10am – 3pm
Auditionees will be asked to undergo a cold read but will also be required to prepare and perform
a 2-3min monologue of their choice.
Don’t Fear The Reaper – written by Eddie Zipperer
Director: Matthew Roberts
Phone number: 0422 983 396
Cast required: Jessica – female, 25-early 40’s *must be comfortable wearing bikini onstage*
Robert – male, 25-early 40’s *must be comfortable wearing speedo onstage*
Death (Bill) – male, 18 and above Jack – male, 18 and above
Steve – male, 18-late 20’s Donnie Destiny – genderfluid, 18 and above
God – male, 40’s-60’s Satan – female, 18-late 20’s
Jeremy – male, 18 and above Conception – 18 and above
Announcer – genderfluid, any age 2 x game show crew – genderfluid, 18 and above
Aunt Leaf – written by Barbara Wiechmann
Directors: Adam Giltrow and Kailem Mollard
Phone numbers: 0428 940 994, 0450 211 844
Cast required: Voice/Uncle – male, mid 40’s-65 Mother – female, 30-mid 40’s
Father – male, 30-mid 40’s Aunt Leaf – female, Late 50’s+
Annabelle – female, 11-18 Hortense – female, 11-16
Lucretia – female, 11-16
A Tale of Two Spectators – written by Peter Manos
Director: Roxanne Moore
Phone number: 0459 948 557
Cast required: Man – male, over 18 Woman – female, over 18
Performance dates: 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, 22nd of January 2022.
Following the auditions, individual directors will be in contact in regards to call-backs and
rehearsal dates.
To book an appointment, feel free to contact any of the above directors (Email preferred but SMS
also accepted). Walk-ins are also welcome to audition but must come prepared that they may
have to wait.


Starts On

16/10/2021 - 10:00 am

Ends On

3:00 pm

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Garrick Theatre

16 Meadow Street
P: Elaine 9378 1990

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