AUDITION: And Then There Were None

May be an image of text that says "Agatha Christie AND THEN THERE WERE NONE "Ten little soldier boys going out to dine. One choked his little self and then there were nine" AUDITION NOTICE"
AGATHA CHRISTIE’S And Then There Were None
📣Directed by: Peter Shaw
⏰Open Auditions will be held 28th February at 7.00pm
Please arrive at 6.45pm for 7pm start
​Rockingham Theatre is proud to present another Agatha Christie play for you. This play is considered the best murder mystery ever written and is the story of ten strangers lured to Indian Island by a mysterious host. Once there, the host accuses each guest of murder.
Thomas Rodgers – Middle aged. Married to Ethel. He is a competent manservant, quick, deft, suspicious and shifty
Philip Lombard – Mid 30s and a large role. He is resourceful, clever, confident, creative and honest. He is an ex-soldier and is lean and fit. He carries a gun, has travelled the world and is chivalrous towards women.
William Bore – Middle aged. He is a former police inspector who initially masquerades as someone else. He is somewhat corrupt, practical and careful. He has little imagination.
General Mac Kenzie – 60s-70s. He is an upright, gentle, soldierly man who served in WWI as a general.
Judge Lawrence Wargrave – mid 50s-60s. He is a retired judge, known as the ‘hanging judge’. He has an air of authority and leads the group. He has a strong sense of justice and a delightfully sadistic side. He becomes quite manic at the end of the play.
Dr. Edward Armstrong – 40s. Edward is fussy, gullible and somewhat timid with a weak personality. He is a surgeon.
Anthony Marston – Mid 20s. He is a rich, spoilt young man. He is not very intelligent and has no conscience. A small part at the beginning of the play.
Fred Narracott – Any age. Fred is good humoured and a hard worker. He delivers goods to the island from the mainland. Small part appearing at the beginning of the play.
Vera Claythorne – mid 20s-30s. The main female role. An attractive, intelligent and capable woman. She is prone to hysteria and is guilt ridden over the death of a child she was in charge of when a governess.
Ethel Rodgers – Middle aged and married to Thomas. She is a worried, frightened looking person and is dominated by her husband.
Emily Brent – 50s-60s. Emily is self-righteous, very religious and prejudges people. She is a spinster and never shows remorse.
Performance dates:
6th, 7th May 8pm & 8th May 2pm
13th, 14th May 8pm & 15th May 2pm
Your commitment to these show dates are essential in being involved with the production. Rehearsals will be discussed with successful cast and crew with the view there being 2 rehearsals per week in the evenings at Rockingham Theatre. There will be a double rehearsal on Sunday 1st of May 2022 which is compulsory to attend.


Starts On

28/02/2022 - 7:00 pm

Ends On

10:00 pm

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Auditions, Classic, Thriller


Rockingham Castle Theatre

8 Attwood Way
Western Australia

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