AUDITION: A Killjoy’s Guide to Saving the World

Modicum Theatre Perth and Sean Wcislo presents:
Auditions for ‘A Killjoy’s Guide to Saving the World’, written by Sean Wcislo and directed by Ryan Partridge.
Wednesday 16th February 6-9pm G60, Arts Lecture Room 4, UWA
Saturday 19th February 10am-4pm G62 Arts Lecture Room 6, UWA
Sunday 20th February 10am-4pm 160, Arts Lecture Room 8, UWA
Please prepare a short (2 min max) comedic monologue and be prepared to do cold-readings from the script.
15-minute audition slots can be booked by commenting on this event, or by messaging or emailing Modicum Theatre Perth (
Please contact us by posting in the event or messaging us on Facebook if you need assistance finding the venue on the day.
Phil, a recently fired assistant, has dreams of a full, no-nonsense life. Those dreams are instantly shattered upon reconnecting with old friends Minnie and Otis, who recruit him on a quirky misadventure to save the world.
Phil would be far more invested if the affair didn’t include an organized cult, seven Celestial Entities, or – admittedly – the childish, zany personalities calling themselves his friends.
‘Killjoy’s Guide’ is an apology letter to our younger selves who revealed in things we find cringeworthy today. Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to stop being happy – just that you’re the one responsible for getting there. And for not being a dick about it.
Phil – A bit of a downer. Gets snappy when he gets frustrated, which is sometimes too easy to do.
Minnie & Otis – Excitable and in desperate want of interesting lives. Light-hearted and optimistic with all-nonsense attitudes.
Stacy Conrad – Honest, determined and lost. Holds the secrets to some of the world’s mysteries, though isn’t sure how.
Ricky – A cult member who drew the short straw on rank, power, personality, the whole shebang.
Clay – A high-ranking assassin within the cult. Cold and calculated, yet surprisingly adept at grudge-holding.
Henry – Leader of the cult bent on enacting some change on the world. Professional, serious, a little bit insane.
A small chorus of Cult Members
A small chorus of Celestial Entities
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16/02/2022 - 12:00 am

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20/02/2022 - 12:00 am

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