AUDITION: A Christmas Carol

SUNDAY FROM 11:00-15:00

A Christmas Carol Auditions – BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL!

Duration: 4 hr
Harbour Theatre is delighted to stage the Australian premiere of a new adaptation of one of Charles Dickens’ best-loved classics for our Christmas production.
The season commences November 25 with 11 performances (including three Sunday matinees), plus a proposed charity night. Rehearsals will commence in late August and will be held on Saturday afternoons, as well as Monday and Thursday evenings.
Because of the large cast list, some of the character roles will need to be doubled up. Therefore, actors may be required to play different characters in different scenes.
This is a lovely play in true Dickensian style.
For further information, and to book an audition on June 26,
11am – 3pm
Venue – Alf Adams Pavilion
Solomon St, Mosman Park WA 6012
Bookings essential: please contact the director Ann Speicher at or
· Charles Dickens: 30–40s
· John Forster: Dickens’s friend, 30–40s, friendly, supportive
· Ebenezer Scrooge: 50+, miserable and mean with the ability to change for the better as the play progresses
· Scrooge as a boy: 12+
· Scrooge as a young man: 20 +
· Fanny: Scrooge’s sister, 16, happy, friendly
· Bob Cratchit: 36-40, works for Scrooge, struggling to make ends meet
· Mrs Cratchit: 30s, supportive mother
· Tim, their small son: 8–10yrs, sickly, angelic
· Cratchit children: 12 and 15
· Fred: Scrooge’s nephew, 30s, very friendly
· Mr Fezziwig: middle age, outgoing and gregarious, everyone is welcome at their house
· Mrs Fezziwig: middle age, similar and supportive, good-humoured
· Celia and Isobel Fezziwig: 16 and 18
· Mrs Snapchat: a cook, 50+
· Mrs Trowell: middle age charity collector, concerned about the plight of the children
· Lady Tibshelf: 50+
· Mrs Baldock: 20s, stressed and poverty-stricken
· Ghosts
· Jacob Marley’s ghost: 50s
· Ghost of Christmas Past: a young girl, 12–15
· Ghost of Christmas Present: 30–50
· Ghost of Christmas Future: 30–50
Some roles will double with other smaller roles as required — eg: maids and laundry workers, children for the Christmas scenes (6), carollers, schoolchildren, lighthouse keepers, and workhouse children.
All actors will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate.


Starts On

26/06/2022 - 11:00 am

Ends On

3:00 pm

Event Categories

Auditions, Children, Classic, Comedy


Alf Adams Pavilion

Solomon Street
Mosman Park
WA 6012

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