AUDITION: 3 short plays

Season dates are February 11 to 20 2021.
Little Angels
By Yvette Wall
Characters: 4 females
Trish, 18 – 20 years old
Joanie, 17 years old
Sister Gabriel, approximately 30-40 years old
Sister Francis, 50-60 years old. Irish accent.
The ages quoted are stage age. If you think you can represent any one of these ages,
please come along to auditions.
It is 1966. Set in a hostel for unmarried pregnant girls. Themes centre around loss,
loneliness, the piety and values of the times and the hope expressed in the spirit of rebellion.
For more information or to request a script please contact Siobhán O’Gara on / 0409 374 731
A Dame Remembers
By Bob Charteris
Dame Cecilia Coleridge is an ageing actress who has found roles hard to come by for some
time. So, by coercion and a little blackmail, she hatches a plot to throw her into the spotlight
Dame Cecilia Coleridge, an ageing actress
Royce Templestowe, her agent any age 40+ (can be female)
Ashley Coleridge, her niece, a PR guru, 40s
Henri Delacroix, a former lover.
Harry Baldwin, a jack-of-all-trades. His voice and attitude change to match which member of
the household staff he is playing.
Contact Bob Charteris on 0450 036 582 for further information.
The Heist
By Shirley Toohey
All have stage ages in 70s, four best friends. Sassy, opinionated & know each other inside out. New York accent
Lenny – stage age 40s (but age can be changed), tough guy with a softer side, New York accent
Set in Muriel’s apartment in The Bronx NYC, these four ladies have their Bridge game interrupted in the most unexpected way!
Michelle Sharp 0450311510


Starts On

17/12/2020 - 7:00 pm

Ends On

12:00 am

Event Categories

Auditions, Comedy, Drama, Short Plays


Melville Theatre

Stock Road / Canning Highway

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